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Retailing Order Placing Temporary Pause in this website from 30th April 2022.
Dear Musiclily customers,
In this May, we will work on our new website update, for this change, we will not carry all data to our new site, also need many works. So we decide temporarily pause all retail order procession in this site - If you are the consumer, please go to Musiclily Amazon / eBay site to place new order. For business customers, you can still place new order in here, we will process.
For all existing orders, we will finish and process. 
Sorry for this inconvenience, it is a transition time, will start from 30th April,2022. 
Best regards,
Musiclily Team
How to Track Your Order
Dear Musiclily customers,
We will update your order status and tracking information in your order history, please login your account to check. We can not ensure you will get our order notification automatical email, because many email servers will see our emails as spam email, remove it before you can see it. We can not control this point. 
On other hand, if you have any question about your order, please feel free to send email to us, we will support you.
Best regards,
Musiclily Team
Website Order Issue Update and Temporary solution @2021.04.09
We added SSL certificate but still can not fully fix this issue, website is totally safe now but Paypal order still have an error.
To fix this issue, we have to move to a new and full HTTPS security site - We are working on new website now, will release soon. 
Temporary solution is place a Pending order and directly pay us in Paypal:
1. Add items in your shopping cart. 
2. In check out page, choose "Bank Transfer" payment option, you will not be charged money by this option, but it will allow you get order history and order ID correctly.
3. Go to our Paypal link:, pay this Pending order amount to us, in payment message, leave your order ID. 
4. We will check our Paypal daily, confirm your payment and process order as usual.
If any question, just email us with your order ID ~
To prevent misoperation, we temporary closed the Paypal online payment option in website checkout page.
Sorry for this inconvenience. We will fix this issue and bring our new version website as soon as possible.
Jerry and Musiclily Team @2021.04.09
We are Musiclily, NOT the Muziclily, we did not charge your money via online song subscription.
We got some people email us with wrong complaints, so we make this Clarification in here.
We are a guitar parts seller, Never sell song and do subscription business, please do not mixup us with You should send complaint to
Stay well and safe.
Musiclily Team@2021.01

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Welcome to Musiclily®, we are a guitar bass parts supplier in China, which have provided guitar and bass parts to manufacturers, wholesalers, musicians, luthiers, retail stores, and guitar repair shops all over the world since 2012.
With over 1,500 kinds of products on-hand in our warehouse in China, all orders are processed in-house by our staff and never drop shipped. As most of products are manufactured by ours-self, not only does this make Musiclily be a leading distributor of guitar, bass, and amplifier parts, but it keeps product availability high and shipping costs low. 
We offer guitar bass machine heads, hardware, eletronic, fretting, knobs, pickguards and pickups, etc.
As long as we start our business , we already got over thousand of positive feedback for our products and service ; with reliable customer service and safe order procession, we supply and ship Musiclily parts global to meet the world's need for quality value guitar parts to make quality music.

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