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About Us

A 2018 New Year’s Letter to all Musiclily customers
Dear customers:
Since 2012, Musiclily has taken 5 years to grow. 
5 years ago, we were like a kid, just dropped in musical instrument industry. When we got the first order from our web shop, we are delighted and terrified: we were afraid to we can not serve our the first customer better as we just have a little of experience. So we triple check shipping information and print the shipping label out, during shipping time, we always worried about this shipment.
In the first day when we start this business, we tried to do our best. After 5 years, what did we do?
We build a wide range of guitar bass parts product line, over 1500 kinds of product and over 2000 SKU. 
We provide a valuable, stable customer service and competitive price base.
We manage to keep our stock level and low shipping rate.
We built Musiclily as a young musical instrument brand.
We build a long term business relationship with some customers and consumers, we start to get some positive feedback.
However, it is not enough.
We still remember a business customer’s complain when he can not get his order on time: “If you want to get more professional customers, you must be more professional to do business.”
We still remember our goal: Provide a professional service and safe product line to our customers, be a reliable musical instrument brand and supplier.
So, what we will do in 2018 and future?
We will update our website, let it be easier to use and order, be safer and quick.
We will increase our stock level to fulfill our customers faster.
We will develop more new products to expand our product line, include Musiclily line, Musiclily pro line and other big brand products.
We will provide better order procession, shipping service and more flexible shipping option.
We will keep our competitive price base.
Integrity is our most important business rule, customer is our guide in this industry. We believe that seeking a long term value and business relationship is a correct way.
Thank you, our customers, we hope we all can be better in 2018 and next 5 years.
Yours faithfully,
Musiclily Team
Jan 2018 
About Muisclily
We are Musiclily®, we are a guitar bass parts supplier in China, which have provided guitar and bass parts to manufacturers, wholesalers, musicians, luthiers, retail stores, and guitar repair shops all over the world since 2012.
With over 1,500 kinds of products on-hand in our warehouse in China, all orders are processed in-house by our staff and never drop shipped. As most of products are manufactured by ours-self, not only does this make Musiclily be a leading distributor of guitar, bass, and amplifier parts, but it keeps product availability high and shipping costs low. 
We offer guitar bass machine heads, hardware, eletronic, fretting, knobs, pickguards and pickups, etc.
As long as we start our business , we already got over thousand of positive feedback for our products and service ; with reliable customer service and safe order procession, we supply and ship Musiclily parts global to meet the world's need for quality value guitar parts to make quality music.
Manufacturers, Importer, Wholesaler and Dealer
We primarily sell to manufacturers, retail stores, repair shops, resellers, luthiers, and other persons and businesses in the guitar parts industries. You can access to the entire Musiclily inventory, receive generous discounts, and are entitled to numerous perks and benefits.
To know more about a Musiclily dealer, wholesaler, or reseller, please see our Dealer Information section and follow the instructions.
International Customers and online order
We support world wide  International Customers order online and pay via Paypal. Only registered customer can place order in Musiclily.com, registeration is Free and simple.
Price and import tax
All our price does not include any tax, so you must pay tax by yourself if there is a tax or duty in an import. All price is USA dollar based, you must log in your Musiclily account to see our price. Also , you can get better price when you buy more quantity. For more tax information, please read here.
Product Quality
We try our best to describe our products details accuratelly. If you are not sure our quality can match your requirement, please make a taste order or ask us for a sample before you buy bulk, then taste it by yourself. 
Shipping and tracking
We provide a flexable and low cost global shipping rate and most order will have a tracking number to see its status. For more please read here.
In addition to our own quality Musiclily guitar parts, we also re-sell some brands like CTS, CRL, etc.
Retail Orders
We also fill retail orders to the end user and offer good shipping rate around the world. Typical lead time on order shipment is 1 - 2 business days. Also, we have shop on Amazon and eBay, you can search Musiclily to find us.
Licensing and Trademarks
For licensing and trademark information, please see our Trademark, Copyright and DMCA and terms of use.
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