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Long order cause blank Paypal page issue

Recently, we found there is an odd tech issue happen when you place a long orders in Musiclily.com.
Issue description: 
1. You add many items (over 30 items) to shopping cart and try to pay via Paypal.
2. When you jump to Paypal payment page, you can not see a normal billing page, only can see a wrong blank page. So that you can not finish the payment and check out the order.
Some customers reported this tech issue to us, we are investigating this issue , but so far, we still can not fix it. So we prepare a temporaty sloution for this bug:
1. As usually, you add items to cart and go check out page. 
2. In payment option step, you choose "Cash on delivery" option, it will not require you to pay online when you finish this order. But your order status will be "Pending". For example, your order ID is 123456.
3. Go to the link : 
You will see a dummy item, this item is 1 USD value. You need buy this dummy item, the total is same as you have to pay for the aboved order.  Check out and choose payment option "Pay via Paypal".
4. In this dummy item order , you can leave an order message : "This payment is for order 123456". So we can identify it.
5. When we process your orders , we will know you make a payment for Order 123456, then we will change order 123456's status to "processing" and process this order as normal.
Musiclily Team.
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